Brez - Canal de Arredondas
(PR-PNPE 27)

Longitud: 5,4 km. (circuito completo)
Desnivel: 270m.
Duración: 2h.
Dificultad: baja

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This circular route starts and ends at the town of Brez, approaching the vertical walls of the Macizo Oriental (Eastern Massif). This path was laid out as a way to head towards the Canal de las Arredondas, where mines bearing the same name were located. Brez, located atop a sunny terrace over the Liébana Comarca, 730 m. high, has a well-preserved environment with predominant gall and cork oak trees intermixed with hay meadows. This route flows past these landscapes through a comfortable path afoot the high mountains of the Picos de Europa.