Fuente Dé - Collado de Liordes
(PR-PNPE 25)

Longitud: 11 km.
Desnivel: 970m.
Duración: 5h. 30min.
Dificultad: media - alta.
Ruta larga y de gran desnivel

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This itinerary that accesses the Vega de la Liordes involves a progressive transition between the start of the valley of Camaleño and the high mountain, going past the oak and beech woods surrounding Fuente Dé, and the alpine grasslands afoot the crags of Peñas de Cifuentes. The route traverses one of the most ecologically rich areas in the National Park, with species such as the Eurasian brown bear, wolves, reindeer, boars or chamois, just to name the largest mammals.