Puertos de Áliva - El Cable - Fuente Dé
(PR-PNPE 24)

Longitud: 14,5 km
Desnivel: 974m.
Duración: 4h. 15min.
Dificultad: baja

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The route proposed here lets you enjoy the ride up aboard the Fuente Dé Cableway, descending through a comfortable path that is suitable for all sorts of hikers. After the climb aboard the cable cab, the path begins by setting off from the mountaintop cableway station (El Cable), and after a brief climb up to the Horcadina de Covarrobles, descent starts on a track that traverses the vast mountain prairies between Macizo Central (Central Massif) and Oriental (Eastern Massif) of the Picos de Europa, known as the Puertos de Áliva.